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    About us

    About Us
    Silkroad Images is the only authentic oriental & Middle Eastern stock photography & editorial content library in the world. Our content, whether sourced from professional photographers or produced exclusively by our team, is handpicked based the most stringent standards of quality control.

    Our mission is to capture, accurately portray & disseminate the unique culture & traditions of the Middle East & beyond, treading along the Silk Road map. This cause fuels our team as many before us have overlooked the responsibility of authentically reflecting the beauty & diversity of the Middle East. We also aim to shed light on those who have no voice, such as the region’s minorities & refugees.

    By sourcing our content from, & collaborating with, hundreds of photographers from across the region, we take pride in giving them a chance to showcase their work on an international stage. Our generous compensation schemes also allow young, talented photographers to generate a healthy income & consequently develop their skills further.

    As a moral company with social responsibilities, we strive to impact those who are less fortunate in a positive manner by introducing & implementing special programs through which Silkroad Images can contribute to the poor, the refugees, the victimized children, & the terminally ill. Supporting these groups will always remain one of the company’s cornerstones & an inseparable part of our business model